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Master Scuba Diver - The highest non-professional diver level.

Course description:
Master Scuba Diver is a level, not a course. This is the highest level that you can reach in non-professional scuba diving and it is proof for your experience and underwater skills.

1. The minimal age is 18 years old. From ages 15 to 17 parental consent is required.
2. Possession of a SDI Open Water Scuba Diver, SDI Junior Open Water Diver certificate or an equivalent.
3. Certificates for four completed specialties - the course (one course, without dives, can be used as credit to the advanced diver development program, excluding nitrox).
4. A SDI Rescue Diver certificate or an equivalent.
5. Proof of 50 logged dives.

What you can learn:

What's in it for you:
1. Reaching of the highest level that can be reached in non-professional diving.
2. The ability to start your first professional course - SDI Divemaster.

Minimal requirements for receiving the certificate:
1. Demonstration of mature and reasonable decisions regarding the planning and execution of diver under different conditions.
Training and course structure:
1. Practical exam: - Four open water dives.
The minimal length of the course is two days (16 learning hours).

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