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Advanced Adventure Diver - Diving in open waters with depth up to 30 meters.

Course description:
The aim of this course is to give the diver knowledge about five different SDI Specialties - two required ones and three additional ones, without going into their details. The two required ones are SDI Deep Diver and Navigation. One dive from each of the chosen specialties may apply towards the completion of a specialty certification. Specialties in a restricted to the surface aquatic environment that have no connection to diving are not allowed and do not count in the three chosen specialties.

1. The min
imal age is 18 years old. From ages 10 to 17 parental consent is required.
2. A completed SDI Open Water Scuba Diver course.
What you can learn:
1. Basic knowledge about diving in depths more than 18 meters - SDI Deep Diver
2. Basic knowledge about underwater navigation - SDI Underwater Navigation
3. During the course, five thematically related to the chosen specialties dives, will be conducted.
It is necessary one of the dives to be in depth more than 20 meters, but no more than 30 meters and one of the dives to include elements of underwater navigation.

What's in it for you:
Upon successful completion of the SDI Advanced Adventure Diver course, the graduates receive an international certificate which allows:
1. To conduct open water dives under conditions similar to their training in depth up to 30 meters during the day.
The certificate for this specialty is not included in the necessary specialties for the SDI Advanced Diver course.

Minimal requirements for receiving the certificate:
1. Demonstration of good knowledge about planning and executing the dives.
2. Satisfactory completion of the theoretical exam – “SDI Advanced Adventure Diver Knowledge Quests”.
3. Demonstration of satisfactory knowledge about the planning and preparation of a dive and completion of all open water practical tasks safely and efficiently.

Training and course structure:
1. Theoretical preparation - it is conducted during the entire course
2. Practical preparation:
- two exercises in a swimming pool or waters with appropriate conditions for learning the basic diving skills and work with the equipment.
- five thematic training dives in open waters with the execution of exercises, necessary to cover the course requirements.
The minimal length of the course is three days (24 learning hours).

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