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Advanced Scuba Diver - Advanced diving with maximum depth of 40 meters.
Course description:
The aim of this course is to prepare advanced divers possessing the skills to conduct dives under different conditions and a changing environment depending on your wishes and needs. After you have completed this course, you will have theoretical and practical knowledge for diving to the maximum allowed depth in sport diving - 40 meters under conditions, answering to the completed by you four full specialized courses.

1.  The minimal age is 18 years old. From ages 10 to 17 parental consent is required.
2. Four completed specialty courses (1 course with no dives can be used as credit to the advanced diver development program, excluding nitrox).
3. Proof of 25 logged dives.

What you can learn:
1. The necessary knowledge for diving in depths up to 40 meters. Dive planning under different conditions and preparation of the necessary equipment.
2. You will perfect your knowledge about sport diving both theoretically and practically. Theoretically and practically, you will improve your knowledge of sports diving. You will confirm and develop your knowledge for the chosen specialties.
3. You will gain experience in the practical use of your knowledge and skills.
4. During the course four dives in depth between 20 and 40 meters will be conducted
One of the dives will be in depth close to 40 meters, but not more

What's in it for you:
Upon successful completion of the SDI Adventure Scuba Diver course the graduates will receive an international certificate which allows them to:
1.To conduct open water dives under conditions similar to their training and specialty in depth up to 40 meters.
2. After successful completion, ability to enroll in the SDI Recue Diver Course

Minimal requirements for receiving the certificate:
1. Demonstration of good knowledge regarding planning and execution of the dives.
2. Satisfactory completion of the SDI Advanced Scuba Diver Knowledge Quests theoretical test.
3. Demonstration of excellent knowledge regarding planning and execution of a dive. Adequate reactions to different unforeseen situations.

Training and course structure:
1. Theoretical preparation - it is conducted during the entire course.
2. Practical preparation:
- four thematic training dives in open waters with the execution of exercises, necessary to cover the course requirements.
The minimal length of the course is three days (24 learning hours).

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