GEONET SCUBA DIVE is a diving center, created to promote and make the scuba diving sport safe and accesible for everyone, according to their needs and preferences.

The entering of modern technology in the underwater activities has given anyone the possibility to discover the wonders of the underwater world. Mass conducted courses by methods of different organizations and agencies are usually enough for the beginning, but in order to be confident and feel the full enjoyment of the experience we usually need more.
We give you the possibility to obtain initial knowledge as well as to improve it and gain irreplacable experience in practice. To reach these goals, we are oriented towards work with small groups and individual training. This gives us the opportunity to give our theorethical and practical knowledge to our students completely and answer to their interests as well as we can.
The diving conditions in different seas and water pools are as similar as they are different. In order for our students to gain experience in different conditions, as well as see a lot more interesting places, we do practical dives in different places. The usual ones are Aegean Sea, in the area of Chalkidiki; Ionian Sea, in the are of Sarande; Adriatic Sea, in the area of Durres and Vlore; and of course the Bulgarian Coast of Black Sea.
Mobility is our power. We own a specially equipped with a compressor off-road vehicle, thanks to which we can travel and visit new interesting places different than the commercial diving destinations.
At Porto Elea camp on the Sitonia peninsula, Halkidiki, is our specially equipped for scuba diving boat with which we have the possibility to do interesting dives at places with no access from shore.
Age is not an obstacle as we have the experience of teaching children as well as people of older age.
Alone and together with our friends and partenrs, we organize diving safaris in Cuba, Egypt, The Maldives and other popular diving destinations.
The time and place for the practical conduction of the courses as well as the destinations for practical and entertainment dives are negotiated according to the individual possibilities and interests of our clients.

We are certified to do the following courses:
   SDI, TDI & ERDI  Facilities: Facility Courses Available:
Diver Level Courses Available At: Geonet Scuba Dive          Number: 1004221
Agency: SDI 
Advanced Adventure Diver Computer Nitrox Diver Boat Diver
Computer Diver Advanced Scuba Diver CPR1st Administrator
Junior Advanced Scuba Diver Future Buddies Program Junior Advanced Adventure Diver
Deep Diver Master Scuba Diver Night-Limited Visibility Diver
Rescue Diver Scuba Discovery SDI Junior Open Water Scuba Diver
SDI Open Water Scuba Diver Solo Diver Supervised Diver
Underwater Navigation Diver Wreck Diver Wreck Limited Penetration Diver
Agency: TDI 
Intro To Tech
Professional Level Courses Available At: Geonet Scuba Dive          Number: 1004221
Agency: SDI
Assistant Instructor Divemaster SDI
More about the training done by us you can read in the "Courses" section.
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