71% of the Earth's surface is covered in water. The development of modern technology gives men a possibility to look at a new and amazing world. The underwater world is now accessible not only to highly qualified specialists, but to tourists as well. No matter what you would want - to simply look at this world of wonders, be trained as a diver or improve your knowledge and qualifications - we are ready to fulfil your wishes. In our activities, we strive to use all scientific innovations and technical means which have completely changed scuba diving through the last decade, as well as the 30-year experience and knowledge of our main instructor.

Our diving center and instructors are certified by the fastest growing diving agency in the world - TDI - SDI, with headquarters in the USA.
The TDI/SDI certificates are international and are recognized all over the world.

Why choose SDI and TDI?

SDI = Diving for entertainment
TDI = Technical diving

SDI is an agency for teaching and certifying divers who practice diving for entertainment. It was created in 1999 and grows through its daughter company - TDI - which specializes in discipline of advanced scuba diving education. The students and instructors accept the approach offered by the organization - education without unnecessary information. The lesson materials have been minimally optimized, in order to allow the students to obtain the main theoritical knowledge, as we focus on practical diving skills, obtained in a swimming pool as well as in the conditions of open waters. SDI is the only agency for teaching and certifying divers, which requires its students to use modern diving computers from the beginning of the course. The materials for the courses are translated in Bulgarian and are functional and easy to use, richly illustrated with drawings and photographs.

TDI is the biggest diving agency for technical certification in the world. As one of the first agencies, offering to teach diving with mixed gases and rebreathers, it is an innovator in making new diving techniques and programs which haven't been accesible until now popular. The training which TDI offers has allowed divers to visit shipwrecks, like: The Andrea Doria, The Lusitania and The Prince of Wales. TDI divers have explored underwater caves in Spain, Austria and Mexico and have assisted in making the world record for free diving in The Red Sea. The TDI professionals keep to the highest standards, in order to provide quality training around the world. This means, that if you are training to become a technical diver, your instructor will have documented experience and knowledge with which they have achieved their level. TDI offers training of the highest quality, along with the newest materials and the most modern information and techniques. The study materials were created by authors who practice the diving which they write about. These materials are always renewed according to the new additions in technology and diving equipment.
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